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Easy Steps to Bookmark Hotmail Inbox

Hotmail, being the first ever email service provider has been topping the chart for a long time. It is basically developed to be accessed via the web. Now it is also available in the app.

If we talk about number game then it is only behind Gmail, which is the most popular email service available on the web. Hotmail was obtained by Microsoft in 1997 just after it was launched in 1996.

On later, it is added to Windows Live suite of products after rebranding as Windows Live Hotmail. And now it is renamed with Outlook, which is official Microsoft’s email service provider.

Over the time, Microsoft has updated its features and that lets users get connected with the email service. Users are also found to search how to bookmark Hotmail inbox as it can be accessed via the web or on any device.

Users who don’t mind others reading their email messages can easily create a bookmark for
MSN Hotmail Inbox.

Here you go:

How to Bookmark Your Favorite Hotmail Inbox
Visit to create a new bookmark in your browser (Chrome, Firefox)
Name your new bookmark as with your convenience
Use your bookmark to go to the Hotmail log-in page
Give your Hotmail log-in credential
Note: select remember my password and click on sign in to access your Hotmail account

Well if you are a Hotmail user and want to avail any kind of technical help, you can also
approach Hotmail support number. You will get a quality solution in quick time.

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